tuning stability

  1. Lennon_Ashton

    Why is my PRS SE Standard 24 not staying in tune after bending but returning to pitch after using the vibrato arm?

    Hello! I have a PRS SE Standard 24 that I bought in 2020. It’s an awesome guitar, but there is a problem I’m having. When I do a bend (especially on the G string), the string goes flat. When I push down on the whammy bar and bring it back up, the pitch returns to where it was before the bend. I...
  2. bjensen

    CE 24 Tremolo Screws Height? Tuning Instability

    Hey everyone, I have a CE 24 and am experiencing tuning instability. I've been playing in e standard and eflat. When I'm in e flat my floating bridge is no longer parallel with the body but dips due to less tension. As I've been doing research on the tremolo and things to look at when...
  3. L

    My tuning stability issue with PRS Custom 22 SE

    Hello, I have a 2018 PRS Custom 22 SE. And I know it has sometime tuning stability problem. I passed from the stock 9-42 strings to D'Addario 10.5-48 (werid gauge, I know). My luthier set the bridge lower to get a lower action. That was ok, I didn't notice before that, but I have with this...
  4. R

    Drop tuning?

    Hi everyone, just got my first PRS after dreaming about one for 15 years. It’s a CE-24. I’m curious if dropping the low E string to A# for a song here and there (all other strings in standard E flat tuning) could do any damage to the neck or tremolo system long term? Don’t know much about...
  5. L

    Unusual overnight tuning changes for SE Paul's Guitar

    I purchased this guitar online, used from an authorized dealer. I've had this guitar for about a month now. I installed some new D'Addario EXL110 XL 10-46 strings. It initially had string buzzing on the lower frets that I was able to eliminate by adjusting the truss rod to about .008" relief on...
  6. S

    Sharp Notes After Sitting - Then Goes In Tune?

    Hello Everyone, Bought a new Silver Sky a couple months ago and have noticed lately that when it sits for a few minutes, the strings go sharp (maybe 10-20 cents?). However, if I play for 5-10 seconds, they go back to being in tune. Anyone experience this? Could the tremolo claw screws be too...
  7. Jason Smith

    Tuning Stability Issues Due to Vibrato

    Hello, I’m currently playing a PRS S2 Standard 24 and an Ernie Ball Musicman Albert Lee MM90 which both have tuning stability issues after a dive on the vibrato. After a dive, the strings(all of them) go sharp. With a slight tug of about an inch off the fretboard, it returns to perfect pitch...