tuner knobs help me

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    Will PRS S2 Pearloid Tuner Buttons fit on SE Locking Tuners?

    Hi, everyone. I was wondering if anyone would have the answer to this: Will the PRS S2 Pearloid Tuner Buttons fit on the PRS SE Locking Tuners? I bought a PRS SE 35th Anniversary Custom 24 and I am absolutely in love with it. The only thing it needs is locking tuners. I purchased those from...
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    tuner BUTTON replacement?!?!

    Hey yall, David here. This is my first thread! A proud owner of a 2002 STANDARD 22 (not S2), and a new father of an SE Santana!! I’ve been slowly modding the looks of the SE because my god that thing sounds just as good as my american, but the bright chrome tuners are just not taste . I’ve...