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    MT15 5881 Can I swap in 6L6GC's?

    I have my buddy's MT15 that I have been checking out and love it. I am considering ordering one. However, the new ones come with the 5881's. I am wondering if i for some reason do not care for the 5881's can I swap in 6L6GC's in it or is there more to it than a simple tube swap? Thanks in...
  2. M

    Sonzera 20w Combo Replacement Tubes

    What are the tubes in a Sonz. 20w Combo, and where can they be purchased? Thanks, Max Bob
  3. B

    Archon 25 EL34 bias question?

    My archon had 5881's that were both dead on 30mV. I just put in some new Mullard El34's and after adjusting, the bias pot is maxed. One tube shows 27.6 mV and the other, 24.7mV. Is this a huge deal being that they are supposed to be 30mV? This is my first tube amp I've had to bias and I'm not...
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    high quality high gain tubes for Archon Head 50/25

    I have Ruby tubes in my Archon 50/25 watt head but I'm curious what else is out there that would be better or I should look at. Need high quality high gain tubes with a punchy low end but can also produce balance mids and warm clean tone. Might be asking for to much by I figured I should see...