tremonti se

  1. A

    Tremonti SE 2018 switching issue

    Hello all, I have a switching or pickup issue with my tremonti SE. In the bridge and middle positions the sound is absolutely fine and doesn't drop out. If I switch to the neck position i will either have very intermittent sound or no sound at all. My guesses are that I've either got a bad...
  2. S

    Tremonti SE Custom Korea vs Indonesia

    Looking at picking up a Tremonti SE Custom and was curious as to opinions on build quality of each? Any differences? Comparable or is there a clear winner? I've read arguments for both on different sites. Any input appreciated.
  3. AZGiant

    Tremonti SE

    I own a low end George Lynch strat style body that I dropped a Suhr Doug Aldrich in. Sounds good, but I think that pup belongs in a mahogany body LP type guitar as it sounds thin. So thinking about buying a Tremonti SE and dropping in the Doug Aldrich. Not sure if anyone has swapped pups in a...
  4. joecader

    TREMONTI SE with hardtail bridge?

    Greetings from Dallas, Texas! I though I would ask the experts about this situation: I have found a beautiful Tremonti SE but it has the correct PRS bridge IF it was made as a Hardtail. I gotta know..Was there ever a Tremonti SE that didn't have the trem-up-route bridge? I have only seen pics...
  5. O

    Pots for SE Tremonti Custom?

    I have a 2018 PRS SE Tremonti Custom (which I love) that I plan to slowly upgrade to be closer to its American counterpart. So far I have installed locking tuners and the core PRS nut on it. Next up in about a month or so I will be installing the Tremonti Signature pickups (well, my shop will...
  6. Ovibos

    Tremonti S pickups - Where's the bare?

    Finally getting around to installing these, but I'm confused as if expect there to be a bare wire for grounding. There's a metal sleeve in there, but peeling it back I don't see a bare. However, the black wire seems to be exposed to the sleeve? What am I missing? Do I need to strip back the...
  7. T

    Questions about Tremonti SE

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and i have a few questions about the Tremonti SE. I've been playing a cheap Les Paul copy guitar and after years of saving up, i'm almost finally able to buy a new guitar. I was torn between LTD and PRS, but decided to go with PRS mostly because of the inlays...
  8. tyfu20


    '][/URL]Misters Tremonti, Marsden, and Myers would like to formally introduce the SE Custom 22 semi hollow as the newest member of the family. She sounds great, I did add the lampshades to her, but was set up excellently by a JM in MD. Looking forward to spending plenty of quality time with her.
  9. BonMat

    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    Looking to tap your collective wisdom about the impact of neck profile for a beginner. I'm a total beginner to guitar, starting at age 39. (I tell my wife, there are worse mid-life crises.) I've been goofing around with my kid's 3/4 scale Squier for a few months now. After a lot of reading...
  10. M

    Shadow e-tuner on Tremonti SE

    Just curious if other have done it and if the ring is the right height? They have 3 models: curve top, flat top and tremolo.