tremelo bar

  1. stankbank

    Trem bar responsiveness - DGT SE vs. S2

    Hey friends! Looking to get some insights here. I have an S2 24 and a DGT SE. Both are setup wonderfully - both have 10s, both have 4 springs in the trem block, etc. I tighten my trem arms to be about the With my DGT SE, the bar is super responsive - little touches seem to give...
  2. jaygoast

    trem bar bridge issue

    Hi everyone, I'm new here I a s2 standard 22 and for the life of me i can not get the the trem bar inserted all the way in. there is no blockage and i have tried 3 different prs trem bars. se s2 and core and none of them will go in. i have completely removed the lock screw
  3. S

    PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow - WITHOUT TREMELO

    Hi I have an interest in a PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow, it does not have a tremolo. Initially, I thought it may have been modified but the back of the guitar does not have the access plate on the rear. I have done some extensive searching and can't find any references to a SE Semi-Hollow...
  4. C

    Tremonti tremolo arm

    I’ve recently become a PRS owner. I have the PRS tremonti SE. It came with a tremolo arm however it was lost because it fell out of my guitar one day. Literally fell out. I bought a new arm yet there’s no friction between it and the rubber that holds it in place. Is there something i can do...
  5. D

    2017 SE CUSTOM 24 - Wrong Tremolo Bar?

    I bought a 2017 SE CUSTOM 24 a couple of months ago. I absolutely love this guitar! Today I decided to try the tremolo bar. It did not come with a wrench small enough to fit the set screw to loosen the sleeve in the hole in the bridge. Fortunately, I found an 050 in my tool collection, which...