trem bar

  1. stankbank

    Trem bar just coming “up”

    On my S224 I set my bar down all the way and tighten the set screw. It’s perfect. It’s the exact tension I want. But after playing and doing some trem work I notice the bar comes “up” in the cavity - it’s still tight in the sense that it holds its position but I am able to “slightly push it all...
  2. M

    Tremolo Arm Replacement

    Hi there Im trying to find replacement tremolo arm because I've lost mine. I wonder if I can find one without the arm tip like this ...
  3. J

    Difference between left handed and right handed trem bar?

    So I recently acquired a lefty PRS SE and was just wondering if I'd need to buy a left handed trem bar as some that I've seen state that they're for only right handed models. I haven't used a tremolo bar before even though I've been playing the guitar for 14 years, for some reason I've just...