trem arm

  1. jaygoast

    trem bar bridge issue

    Hi everyone, I'm new here I a s2 standard 22 and for the life of me i can not get the the trem bar inserted all the way in. there is no blockage and i have tried 3 different prs trem bars. se s2 and core and none of them will go in. i have completely removed the lock screw
  2. krugerj

    I'm in a pickle... left-handed PRS Tremolo Arm (USA)

    Hey guys, I am new to the PRS world, I just got my first PRS this week (a 1999 PRS Custom 22) which is left-handed (first year of production lefty). The only issue is, the guitar shipped to me without a tremolo arm. I've done extensive research online, and I can safely say that I have been...