1. Julian

    Favorite Top Figuring

    Hey all, I was wondering what camp you guys landed in for favorite guitar top figurings. Like hypothetically, if you could only have one spec’ed out private stock PRS, what top would you use? I love my quilt tops, but obviously flamed maple looks great as well as non maple tonewoods. What’s...
  2. R

    PRS body carve recess on custom 24

    I've just tried a USA PRS and noticed some differences between the SE. Most I expected but one that I wasn't was that there seemed to be a recess around the edge of the guitar top and when the body carve starts to rise. What I don't understand is that when watching PRS build videos on the CNC...
  3. W

    Help Identifying PRS ?

    Hello all. Looking for help in identifying this PRS. There are a couple of things that throw me off. I do not know for sure what year it is. Also it has a stop tail piece and push pull tone pot. Does that mean it is not a Custom 24? It has McCarty Bass and Treble Pickups. I do not know if those...
  4. jleminen

    1992 PRS Custom 24 Wenge top

    I bought excellent 1992 PRS Custom 24 wenge topped guitar. I heard that 1992-1993 "PRS experimented with exotic tops, including wenge, cedar, zebra wood, etc and were not part of any limited run, they are normal production guitars except for the exotic tops" There's no modcat code in pickup...