ted mccarty

  1. Going Modal

    Mira X a good idea in this case?

    I've got an idea/concept for a guitar featuring 59/09 pickups (either factory-stock or I will retrofit them) that goes a little something like this: 1. Double-cut body 2. Dual humbuckers 3. 245 scale 4. Stoptail bridge 5. Rock out...!!! Guitars that I know meet these criteria are Paul's Dirty...
  2. Elliot


    My love affair with the DC 245 started a few months ago when I noticed a really hot McCarty with a Santana headstock on the forum (Bodia might remember me asking about it). I had already loved the McCarty, and the 594 is super hot but way out of my reach right now. After I read more into the DC...