1. W

    PRS CE24 1991: 5-way rotary switch

    Hi guys, I have bought this beautiful sunburst PRS CE24 from 1991 two years ago and I really love it! There is only one detail which bothers me and that is the (probably) non-original 3 way Gibson style switch. I decided I'd like to have it in it's original configuration with the 5-way...
  2. Egads

    Rosewood Switch Tip

    Hey All. I just got something that needs a little (more) dressing up (shoes and purse style). Anyone have a trusted source for a rosewood switch tip (core blade, not toggle)? There are some on Reverb, which works, but I just wanted to see if anyone has a preference or any experience.
  3. Daniel Sorensen

    PRS SE C24 Pickup Position has no sound

    I just got the above mentioned guitar this past week, and the top switch position has no sound at all. I'm extremely new to guitars, so I have no clue what it could be. I have a cheap, old amp and cable that I'm using that were given to me 12 years ago when I was thinking about learning, so...
  4. AndrewB

    SE Tone and switching question

    I've got an SE Custom 22 and have recently noticed a couple things. First the 3 way toggle switch sometimes requires some jiggling when switching to the bridge pickup to get sound. It seems ok in the middle and neck position. I'm thinking this is because the switch tends to hang on the inside of...
  5. Brainofjon

    80's PRS Standard 24 - wiring issues?

    Hi all! Old time lurker here, finally joining the PRS family :) I've recently acquired my 1st core PRS, an 80's standard 24 that has been in my wishlist for years. These come with the blue wafer rotary pickup selector, sweet switch and stamped T&B pickups. It's beautiful and plays great. It...
  6. P

    Control/switching Layouts

    I think many players like me grew up playing Strat-style guitar, and we are very used to the traditional Strats layout. Over the past 17 years, I've played many control/switching layouts including most Gibson types and PRS types. But to me the strat style layout, especially the location of the...
  7. TwoBales

    Three Way Drop-In

    I just purchased a three way switch drop in for my 1996 CE, and the threads on the three way don't extend through the body of the guitar. I did enlarge the hole so the switch would fit, but I can't install it anyway. Any ideas or suggestions?
  8. S

    Switch on Clint Lowery PRS

    Hello, In the last few wreks my switch started to move itself in the middle position while i was playing and it was really annoying. Then it didn't want to stay in the 1st position at all. So i opened it up and noticed that this switch has some plastic in it and that plastic eroded on one side...
  9. S

    PRS SE custom 24 floyd Neck and Middle Position sound the same.

    Hi, I have an issue with my guitar. The Neck Pickup and middle PU sound exactly the same. Very honky, almost out of phase but the wiring has never been touched. Bridge pickup sounds fine and the splitting works in all positions. Is there a problem with the switch or the wiring? Thanks in...