swirl marks

  1. Jotarock

    What can i do to avoid more and more scratches and swirl marks after every time i clean my guitar?

    Hi everyone! I just bought a beutiful PRS SE custom and i learning a few things about maintence. One of the things i read everywhere is that you need to clean the body and neck after every use. Well....i did that and suddenly a lot of mini scratches (swirls) apeard all across the body (specially...
  2. DW-Parsons

    Buff out swirl marks

    Hi all, I have a 2017 594 SC (nitro) that has swirl scratches (very light) in the top coat, most likely from cotton cleaning rags. Call me neurotic but I'd love to get them out if it doesn't damage the guitar. Any tips? I've heard PRS polish isn't made for nitro finishes (strange) , and...
  3. R

    CE-24 Polish?

    What polish can I use on CE-24? Want to get swirl marks out cause the thing is a work of art and deserves to be swirl free