1. S

    Do the CE24 or Custom 24 nut slots have to be filed for 11-56 gauge strings?

    Hi guys! I just ordered my first PRS CE24. I ordered from Sweetwater and they offer a basic setup option. I normally would do the whole setup on my own but, since I am moving up the string gauge from the factory 9s or 10s to 11-56 gauge strings, I assumed the nut slots would need to be filed a...
  2. Jotarock

    What´s the best way for changing strings?

    I found this: Is there a more "easy" method?
  3. S

    Changed String Brand, Now They Catch on the Nut When Using the Tremolo Arm

    Hey Everyone, I bought a Silver Sky SE and finally changed the strings recently to NYXL 10-46. Now, when I use the tremolo arm, the strings catch (in the nut slots) and some jump wildy out of tune. Is this normal? I'd rather not drive to get the nut slots recut. Debating buying the PRS strings...
  4. stankbank

    Tuning stability - E/A/D

    With my new S2 Custom 24, the whammy works great. The high E/B/G strings seem to stay in tune totally fine but the E/A/D seem to go sharp every time. I am using 10-46, the strings seem to fit wonderfully in the nut slots. I also use Tri-Flow and big bends nut sauce on the saddles and nut slots...
  5. D

    Classic to Signature 9-42 strings.

    I have been using Classic 9-42 strings on my SE 245 for the past three years. I was thinking of switching to the Signature line (same gauge) to see if the feel or sound is any different. Will making the change require a new setup?
  6. L

    PRS SE Custom 22 - Tuning stability

    Hello, I bought a PRS SE Custom 22 2018 one year ago. I restringed it after some months, from the original 9-42 strings to the D'Addario 10.5-48 and the string tension of the unwound strings was really too much. My personal technic fixed it lowering the bridge. The strings are a bit more harder...
  7. Mark Maxwell

    String gauges.

    Hello everyone, May I ask? Just picked up my new PRS CE with string gauge 10. I'm used to 9's and am wondering if I will have to have my guitar set up specifically for the lower gauge? Advice welcome. Thank you :-)
  8. guitargray

    change strings se cu24 9s to 10s

    Hi all i want to change from 9 guage to regular 10 guage strings. i guess the nut may need a little file. will i have to adjust the trem.(it frightens me) i usualy lock down my strat trem but this one seems to work and i dont want to mess it up.. any help or advice greatfully taken onboard...
  9. Aeismann

    Mark Holcomb 7 SVN b-string problem / making dim weak tone

    Hi all, I just bought a lovely Mark Holcomb SVN, my first PRS, on the one hand in really happy overall, on the other hand i'm facing some issues that would make me return my guitar if cannot be fixed, which I really really don't want to do. My problem is that the low B-string is making a weak...
  10. S

    Help With 57/08 Pickups Now Installed

    Hey Everyone, I installed a set of 57/08 pickups into my PRS McCarty (2005). I love the sound of these, but am finding something I need help with. With a fresh set of Elixir Optiweb strings, if I hit the bass string too hard it sounds like either string buzz or distortion is coming through the...
  11. Utkarsh

    PRS Signature strings: Quick thoughts

    These intrigued me when they were launched some months ago but only recently arrived at my local guitar shop. Picked up today, installed these onto my 513 Rosewood .. and was blown away!!! Two things stood out for me in particular - harmonic quality to notes. The 513 has a harmonic bloom quality...
  12. Ovibos

    New PRS strings out So, the 'signature' strings are maybe like NYXLs?
  13. AxlGianne

    Upgrade nut on PRS SE Custom 24

    Hi everyone! I have a PRS SE Custom 24 2016 model, and I have tuning problems especially when I use trem, I read that's the problem of cheap plastic nut and tuners so I decided to upgrade in first tuners with Schaller M6 locking tuners and they are great, really. ❤ Problems however remain...
  14. gauchosilvertone

    PRS Strings?

    Got a new McCarty 594. Played the bejeezus out of the factory strings as I loathe waste. They had a great slinky feel. Finally wore em out and replaced with Ernie Ball 10s, my go-to. The feel is markedly different. Not exactly stiffer, but I can't think of a better word for it. For the...
  15. F

    General Guitar setup/maintenance help/FAQs for anyone

    I dont know how this works but I got my Custom 24 SE shipped to me last week and couldn't be happier with it. I dont know how forums work so if i'm doing something wrong, tell me please. I want anyone to be able to ask random questions about maintenance and I dont know where to do that so I...
  16. Jay j

    String storage in high humidity

    I had 2 sets of electric 9.5 strings that I bought 13 months ago. When I opened the envelopes, the plain strings had rust areas. I took a scotch brite pad to clean them off, but the corrosion had eaten into the strings and the 1st string broke in the middle of the neck. I tried one from the...
  17. F

    Quality Control of PRS Packaged Strings

    I've been a regular purchaser of the PRS 9.5 electric guitar strings. I believe they are OEM-ed from D'Addario. Over the past 6 months I've noticed there's been a drop in quality of these strings. In particular the high strings are not smooth as they used to be. Even a relative of mine who's...
  18. K

    Question about guitar's nut and string gauge.

    I thought I'd try a heavier gauge of string than I'm used to, and bought some 11 - 56's. But from the D to the low E string, the strings were a little too wide and wouldn't fit in the nut. I have a Standard 24, so I'm guessing maybe that's why. If I need to replace the nut to be able to use...
  19. J

    Setting individual string volume Hollowbody II

    I noticed the G-string on my HB II is slightly softer compare to the other strings. I have read this article to setup string volume on humbuckers: My Hollowbody II comes with covered 57/08 bass and treble. Can you please tell me, which screws...
  20. J

    Hollowbody II strings

    Just got my PRS Hollowbody II with Piezo and it comes with stock .11 gauges. Could you please verify, are these the original strings? Any experiences with other .11 strings from other manufactures on HBII? Thank you for recommendations. JR