string break

  1. W

    PRS Guitar Custom 24 USA model string break Issue

    Hello all, I own a PRS Custom 24 USA model. I generally use the D'Addario 10-46 gauge set of strings. A week back I had to change my strings cuz the D string broke from the bridge. Have a look at this...
  2. Bordonbert

    Bernie Marsden Signature constantly snapping strings

    Does anyone else know of any problems with snapping strings on a 2017 Bernie Marsden Signature? I'm using Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and in the last two months I have snapped 2 e 10s, 1 B 13s, 2 D 26s, and 1 A 36. I've even had two in the same night. None of these has gone beyond two weeks...