1. joshoptical

    Silver Sky in a mix?

    Anyone play their SS in a band or otherwise mix setting? I have a 2020 maple board in Orion Green and can’t help finding it incredibly bright- always looking for more “umph.” Ive been playing over 20 years so it’s not as though I don’t know how to work an amp or tone knob. Meaning I’m not...
  2. R

    85/15S Are there equal windings on each coil?

    Hi, regarding 85/15s, does anyone know if the screw and slug coils/bobbins are equal in output or is one side stronger than the other? I Have an SE Custom 24, wondering if I flipped both pickups 180 if it would give a more Strat tone with both pickups on, and if it would thicken the single coil...
  3. R

    Strat quack

    Does anyone know if you can get more Strat bridge/middle quack by installing a 5 way blade switch on an SE Custom 24 with 2 humbuckers? It already has coil split on a push pull pot. Thanks
  4. P

    Thoughts on Sound of S2 Studio

    A couple days ago I picked up an S2 Studio with the hopes of adding a versatile "super Strat" to my collection. And I must say, everything about the guitar is fantastic--except it doesn't sound like a Strat. Is it possible that I may have a defective pickup, bad wiring or something? I love the...
  5. GavQuinn

    Sunday Handwound Pickups - PRS Starla

    Recently I decided to take the plunge and have my Starla's pickups replaced to exactly what I wanted. It's a 2008, and it's been the main studio and session guitar for 9 years. The coil tap, laid back sounds, bigsby, bright pickups meant that it had a real friendly voice. Everything short of...
  6. GavQuinn

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop '78 Model

    Hello! :) I don't think I've seen any info on this pickup so I thought I'd share my experience! It's the VH pickup apparently, although due to licensing etc, they can't say so. Described as a PAF rewind, mine is listed on the pack at 9.0k, Alnico II, initalled MJ which is apparently a good...
  7. Hanzo Hamamura


    Hey everyone, I couldn't seem to find any threads for the discontinued DC3 models (maybe I searched in the wrong area?). Just wanted to see if there are any DC3 owners who can share their experience with the guitars. Since they're discontinued, the one guitar shop on Oahu that is a PRS...