strap locks

  1. G

    Strap locks for Semi Hollow?

    I have the semi hollow body II, I would like to go to Schaler type but I wanted to ask if anyone has any positive or negative experience with strap locks on the hollowbody and Guitar? I figure it’s a little more delicate than a solid body electric! I know the screws are often longer and larger...
  2. B

    Schaller type straplock help for PRS SE 245, plus other guitars

    So, the dude I bought my McCarty from had already put Schaller straplocks on it, so I figured it was time to invest in a little securtiy for a few other guitars. I just kinda thought all strap screws would be the same size for guitars, so I bought Fender strap locks. Swell, the two guitars I...
  3. Shawn A.

    My experience with strap-locks on PRS CE 24

    I just got my first PRS a few months ago (PRS CE 24) along with a nice PRS black leather strap (the one with the birds embossed on it). I love the strap and its holes (which are really more like slits) fit fairly well over the large stock PRS strap buttons. But, being a new PRS owner, I've been...