1. groovedoggie1

    NGD! SE Starla

    SE Starla by David Dancer, on Flickr Hope the photo comes through - I can't figure out how to post pics here even though I read the sticky post on the subject. And forgive me as I'm working around major home remodeling and just took a real hasty photo. Bought this as a used 2020 model off...
  2. D

    PRS CE 24 Semi-Hollow or S2 Custom 24 35th Anniversary

    Hoping to get some insights. I have an S2 Starla with Bigsby that I absolutely love. I am planning to add another PRS to my collection and debating between the S2 Custom 24 35th Anniversary Edition or the CE 24 Semi-Hollow. Both are stunning. I love the independent split switches on the 35th...
  3. ShawnF1222

    S2 Starla & Vela Pickup Height Info?

    Hello, My only two PRS's Starla and Vela are using the same pickups. Is there anywhere online here that PRS has recommended pickup heights? (Distance to strings.) I found this and was wondering if this will work for the Starla / Vela pickups. Thank you...
  4. D

    Starla X - The PRS that was setup to fail

    As I learn more about the Starla X and have one actually on the way that I bought, it seems like PRS doesn't want to really think much about the guitar in their history. It's not even on the model history timeline at all. A shame considering it was a core USA PRS at one time. So in memory of...
  5. ShawnF1222

    Starla S2 Coil Tap Question?

    Hey folks, I am new to PRS and so far, loving it! I do have a technical question about coil tap. I bought a used PRS S2 Starla off Reverb. (USA) I LOVE the guitar, but when I split the coils, it cuts power, which is expected, but the sound gets dull. I had tried a used Starla at GC and know...
  6. GavQuinn

    Pickup Advice..?

    Hi Guys, Ive had my Core Starla since 2009, love the guitar, but it’s spent some time in its case lately... a few months to be honest. Played it this evening with fresh ears and took stock, Over the last few months I’ve tried a few different pickups in it. I’ve tried underwound PAFs, full size...
  7. ShawnF1222

    Starla Pickup Alignment Question

    Hi! New to PRS. I fell in the love with the Starla Bigsby guitars. Warm but jangley and look so old school cool. I just bought a used Starla S2 with Bigsby off Reverb and cosmetically it's great. However, the alignment of the neck pickup on the bass side is off. My questions are, is this...
  8. ellamir

    PRS G&B Starla Pickup Color Code

    Hey all, I have a Vela. Recently I had a different bridge pup in there. Wasn't too happy and I want to go back to the Starla pup. I've looked at a few other threads, but I can't really find a solid answer. Does anyone know what the color codes are for the G&B Starla pup? Thanks for the help...
  9. Blakemore

    Anyone try Starla pups in anything besides a Starla?

    Love the clarity, string separation and sound of the Starla core pups. Anyone ever tried them in something other than a Starla? Something with a maple top?
  10. GavQuinn

    Starla Tuner Replacement

    Hi Guys, One of the nice Brass posted Klusons on my Starla has let go. It’s starting to grind. Some of the others are starting to feel loose too. It’s 10 years old now, used a lot. What’s more is that the bigsby has always made the guitar body heavy, like a Les Paul. Heavier tuners would...
  11. GavQuinn

    Coil Tap - Question for Geeks

    The other day, I was fiddling around with the neck pickup height and pole height on my core model Starla, trying to get the neck to sound brighter, etc. I noticed with the coil tap engaged that the screw coil is the one that remains active. I noted with the screwdriver tip touching the pole...
  12. GavQuinn

    Sunday Handwound Pickups - PRS Starla

    Recently I decided to take the plunge and have my Starla's pickups replaced to exactly what I wanted. It's a 2008, and it's been the main studio and session guitar for 9 years. The coil tap, laid back sounds, bigsby, bright pickups meant that it had a real friendly voice. Everything short of...
  13. GavQuinn

    Starla Bridge Replacement

    Hi Guys, I want to replace the tune-o-matic bridge on my Starla, it’s become faulty and needs to be replaced. Seeing as the Starla came with a Grover tune-o-matic bridge, I want to see if I can replace this with an upgrade. Has anyone replaced the grover tune-o-matic bridge? Thanks,
  14. GavQuinn

    Starla replacement bridge humbucker?

    hi guys, a question if anyone has any experience here.. I want to replace the Starla bridge humbucker. It’s got a great pick attack, it’s bright and kinda like a Tele. However, I find it’s too compressed and doesn’t have any punch. I find it’s too even for me. I don’t want a hot humbucker, it’s...
  15. GavQuinn

    Starla Wiring Cock-Up

    ’sup, I bought my old Starla back from the guy who I sold it to. It looks like there’s now no cap on the pots or wiring, looks like a total hack job. Also I’m noticing that the tone is very boomy on the neck pickup, more than I remember - could this be the reason why? Also looks like a regular...
  16. Skeeter

    Vela Bridge Pickup

    So I'm enjoying my Reclaimed Vela - really resonant and fun to play. However, I'm not feeling the bridge pickup as humbucker on its own. With PRS' great splitting electronics (since the advent of the resistor thing with the DGT), it sounds great split. And as a humbucker with both pickups on...
  17. J

    Starla Replacement Nut

    Hi all, I've got a 2007 Starla that I absolutely love - last night, some drunk guy knocked over my guitar stand, taking my baby with it and damaging the nut (thankfully it was only that). I'm trying to find a replacement, but I can't seem to find any specific info about the exact nut that I'd...