standard 24

  1. thrilliant

    Replacing a pickguard with mounted electronics?

    Hello! I just got an S2 Standard 24 that I've fallen in love with. It has a black pickguard now, but I thought a lighter color would create some nice contrast. Unfortunately, when I removed the existing pickguard, I discovered the electronics are mounted to the back of it. Does anyone have any...
  2. M


    Hello, does anyone have a prs custom or standard 24 with the stoptail configuration for sale. If so I’ll but it!
  3. Brainofjon

    80's PRS Standard 24 - wiring issues?

    Hi all! Old time lurker here, finally joining the PRS family :) I've recently acquired my 1st core PRS, an 80's standard 24 that has been in my wishlist for years. These come with the blue wafer rotary pickup selector, sweet switch and stamped T&B pickups. It's beautiful and plays great. It...
  4. tyfu20

    Double NGD!

    Well my enabler friends, I picked up a 2014 Standard 24 McCarty Tobacco gloss and a 2016 SE Zach Myers, both in good shape and for considerably less than what I should have paid. The 24 has a DiMarzio Air Norton in the bridge and the HFS in the neck, middle position wired for out of phase...
  5. K

    PRS SE Standard 24 tremolo springs

    Hi, I have recently purchased 2018 model PRS SE Standard 24 VC and as it is my first guitar with tremolo bridge I didn't know much about it and at first didn't notice it only has 3 springs in the back holding the tremolo. The guitar only came with allen wrench to adjust the bar, wrench for truss...
  6. Kinsman

    I didn't wait long (NGD)

    So I recently purchased a green CE 24 from Sweetwater that I absolutely love. I started looking at getting a back up PRS. I didn't look long. ;) This is a simple SE Standard 24. Sub 500$ really never sounded this good.
  7. grausch

    NGD - 20th Anniversary Standard 24

    Look at what arrived today... Only had time for one quick pic - will post some more this evening...