1. M

    PRS S2 neck profile not written in tag

    After spending sometime playing my core custom 22, I found its neck profile (wide fat) to be the best for my hands and needs. Having also a S2 Custom 22 with a pattern regular neck, which is a bit thiner than the core model but round and big enough for my liking, I decided to pull the trigger...
  2. Aghimself

    02-04 PRS STANDARD 24

    Hey everyone. Im Looking for a 02-04 PRS STANDARD 24 BLACK with the MOON INLAYS in good to great condition. If anyone can point me into the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. L

    'Standard' vs 'Singlecut' label on headstock of 'S2' Series Singlecuts

    Hello, My name is Levi and I just joined this forum community. I am from south central Kentucky halfway between London and Bowling Green. Forgive me if this has been asked before but, I could not find clarification. I owned a 2018 S2 SC that had 'Singlecut' Wrote on the headstock. I ended up...
  4. G

    Anyone have thoughts on the 2006 PRS Standard 22?

    I found one for sale for around $1,700 CAD that the guy has barely played. Comes with case and a Fender Super Champ XD amp. I can't find much for pricing on these specific models. Also has moons, and rotary switch. Hoping for some opinions on if it would be worth it to wait for a 24, or anyone...
  5. B

    PRS S2 Standard 24-fret - Swapped Pickups?

    Hey guys, this is for those of you who have the PRS S2 Standard 24-fret, specifically! If you decided to replace your stock Korean pickups, I'd love to hear why and with what other pickups plus how that works for you. I'm talking about 24 frets specifically, as there might be unique...