1. Julien

    NGD Fiore Black Iris Mod

    So!! After a rocky start (faulty microphonic Humbucker, and these vintage locking tuner not staying in tune), I can finally celebrate a NGD here!! The humbucker has been swapped for a brand new one that PRS Europe kindly sent. I also upgraded the tuners to the Phase III (I just love them on my...
  2. Patrick Montgomery

    Narrowfield Coil Tap/Split

    Is there a version of the Narrowfield that has a coil tap or split? I am trying to spec out a PS build of a SSH, with some custom switching and didn't know if they had ever offered that. I have a WL SHH and love the tone of the Narrowfield, but would like the option to have more tonal...
  3. colinkanders

    NGD - Wood Library Special Semi Hollow

    Technically yesterday was New Guitar Day, but I was too busy playing to take pics until today...I had been saving up for a Private Stock guitar but I stumbled across this WL SSH that was 95% of what I would have ordered, so I snatched up this beauty! Quilted Maple 10-Top African Blackwood...
  4. Joesnewmatch

    "Covid Haze," my latest project (Special 22 semi-hollowbody in action)

    I have never posted a personal recording before, but... why not?! For context, I play in a low-key band with three other guys, primarily for weekday fun and sometimes we play out for others. One of my guys has been writing original songs lately. He is our secondary singer and primarily...
  5. SupremeDalek

    Emerald SSH

    I realized I never posted the pictures I took when I received my Special. I've been too busy playing it to notice until today! For your viewing pleasure:
  6. Joesnewmatch

    Back in the fold... recent NGD: Special 22 Semi-Hollowbody

    Some of you may have seen my recent posts asking various questions about the SSH, its comparison to the 509, and the differences between Wood Library, Artist, and 10 Tops, and all that. After countless hours of research and hourly checks on Reverb, TGP, eBay, and countless stores the past two...