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  1. Patrick Montgomery

    Narrowfield replacement

    Hey guys! There is a PRS Special Semi Hollow I am interested in, but the previous owner has removed the Narrowfield. I can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone know where to get one aftermarket, if PRS will reinstall one, etc? I’d like to buy the guitar but I want to return it to stock. Thanks!
  2. Julien

    McCarty 594 vs Special SH22

    Hi all, Thought I’d ask the professionals here on this crucial question of the day: How do you compare the Core McCarty 594 (double cut) Vs the core Special Semi Hollow? (In terms of sounds, neck, pickups, differences, etc) I’ve got a 10top core special semi hollow that I absolutely adore...
  3. P

    wanted: S2 McCarty 594 Thinline in translucent colors like TV yellow or honey

    The S2 McCarty 594 Thinline is a stroke of genius! I hope PRS sells a ton of them! I was thinking about getting a used custom shop SG when I found the Thinline as an alternative. At 1/2 the price for a gorgeous, great-sounding, well-made, well-balanced, well-set up guitar, it's a no-brainer...
  4. W

    PRS Semi-Hollow Custom Special 22 vs 35th Anniversary Custom 24

    My significant other is an emerging film composer (I promise you've heard plenty of her work). Her primary instrument is piano, but she would like to pickup a workhorse guitar for the studio as her guitar skills are growing and its useful to have something that other people can pick up and jam...
  5. T

    NGD - Special Semi-Hollow (Orange Tiger)

    I've historically not been a huge PRS guy but really love the tones that John Mayer gets with Dead & Company and fell in love with the Super Eagle model. However, like most of us, it was definitely beyond my price range. I've tried to scratch the itch a couple different ways but ultimately...
  6. W

    Semi hollow special 22

    Does anyone have a video of their special semi hollow 22 played through an envelope filter or wah pedal ? Want to listen how well it funks (: