1. peterfergusonproductions

    2005 McCarty Soapbar - 20th Anniversary Package?

    Hi everyone, first time poster. I have a 2005 McCarty Soapbar model, and was hoping for some clarification on the specs. From what I understand, PRS was doing an artist package and a 20th anniversary package in 2005. These included various specs...I believe the artist package had BRW, gold...
  2. C

    SE Soapbar Treble Bleed

    Does my PRS SE Soapbar II have a treble bleed circuit? and if so what type of treble bleed circuit?
  3. C

    What magnets in PRS SE Soapbar II?

    Hello, I have a PRS SE Soapbar II and was wondering what pickups are in it. Has anyone taken these apart to figure out if they are Alnico or Ceramic, and if it is Alnico, does anyone know what type of alnico magnets they use. I really like them and so was looking to see what they are in case I...
  4. 57Deluxe

    Bring back the Goldtop McCarty Soapbar!

    It was the promise of this model that brought me to PRS in the first place but by the time I saw the light it was out the catalog. I have an SEII instead which is superb, but I would love a Goldtop McCarty P90...
  5. A

    Need help deciding which PRS I should get

    Hey guys I am new to the forum and I am looking to get back into playing guitar, I stopped playing a few years ago dues to lack of time and funds but now I am ready to get another guitar. After much research I have decided that a used PRS SE is the way to go for high quality on a low budget...