single cut

  1. H

    S2 594 Single Cut Weight Balance on knee

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to PRS and the forum. I'm absolutely loving everything I see and read about the S2 McCarty 594 Single Cut, but because of supply chain issues and covid and every other bit of wonkyness the world has thrown at us the last 2 years, there are almost none of these guitars...
  2. Pancho

    Need help identifying my guitar.

    I bought a second hand prs a while ago, I never really cared about the exact model name or the types of pickups it had, the guitar sounded and felt amazing, I made the purchase and I left it at that, but after getting familiar with the prs core line of guitars I'm curious to know what kind of...
  3. Gaige Nale

    Recently Purchased an SE 245 singlecut (Indonesian)

    So far loving my SE 245. The way the strings bend on the 24.5" scale neck is absolutely great compared to the american pro tele i'm used to. I am currently using a 50 watt boss katana amp and am looking to get more of a classic 60-70s treble sound out of the guitar. I am fairly new to modding...
  4. ysmth

    PRS Single Cut Gallery

    While cleaning and restringing my beloved single cuts I thought I'd take a few shots... Hollowbody II Single Cut Grey Black SC58 Stripped Black SC245 McCarty Tobacco Sunburst Strings D'Addario XL 012-060 Tunings drop c open gb (db gb db gb bb db) c g c f g c How about you guys...
  5. Kurtis L

    Core Vela or SC Vela?

    I've been admiring the Vela shape for a while now(only admiring because financial stuffs), and I think there should be a non-chamfered American made version with the 10 top and all of the higher end goodness. I also think there should be a single cut version, solely because of this luthier...