signature limited

  1. Utkarsh

    Unexpected NGD: 2011 PS Signature Limited, 2013 Paul's guitar

    So folks it's been a long day so don't mind me if I doze off in the middle of this. As you know , I got a Modern Eagle V not too long ago, which as you can imagine has sent me down a rabbit hole of guitars with 408 pickups (Paul's , 408s, Signature Limited etc). There had been two guitars that...
  2. grausch

    Belated NGD - PRS Signature Limited

    A long, long time ago... Ok, not that long, but in July I decided that I was going to treat myself to a proper big-boy guitar for my 40th birthday in November. The initial plan was to buy a 1977 Gibson and I did find one or two candidates, but since I couldn't test these in-store, I never could...