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  1. D

    Santana Retro setup specs

    I'm having a tricky time getting my neck pickup on my Santana Retro to really sing, it's sounds a bit muddy to my ears. I've tried the factory setup specs on the PRS website, but those only seem to work for the bridge pickup. If any Santana Retro owners could share their neck & pickup adjustment...
  2. C

    Setting up SE277 P90 pickups

    Hello! I am just looking for some advice on setting up P90s. I've had a SE277 semi-hollow baritone guitar with the P90 pickups since 2016. Although I love the guitar, I've often struggled to find my sound on it. The main issue is the tonality and volume of the 2 pickups are so different to...
  3. Bradley Gavel

    Intonation issue

    Hello all, I've got a gorgeous blue Zach Myers 2020 SE. Love it to bits but I'm having some trouble. I've gone through the TRAIN setup method, set the relief to .006, did the action, all that went off just fine. I noticed the 9-13th fret of each string buzzes a little bit but I'll get to that...
  4. T

    Floating Bridge - b Exceptionally High

    I lowered my action as far as I could without buzz, and my b string is higher than my e & g string. 1) is this likely an issue with the way the nut is cut? 2) How would you recommend changing this? https://imgur.com/a/uHZdd6K Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. Rebus

    PRS S2 594 String Tension

    Hi all, This maybe an inexperienced question, but who knows! I've been luck to pick up a DC S2 594. It's an absolute beauty and I'm delighted with it. The resonance is astonishing. Unusually, though, the string tension seems quite high for a shorter scale guitar. I've used a set of 10-48s...
  6. J

    Silver Sky Fret Buzz

    Hey everybody! I got my Silver Sky not too long ago but it seems to have some excessive fret buzz. I've adjusted relief to match specs and have taken the action even a bit higher than factory, but I still have buzz all up and down the neck. This is especially bad on the low E/A strings, where...
  7. DickBanks

    PTC - Recommended Setup and a Simple Question

    I've had my PRS S2 Custom 24 for about 6 weeks, and I absolutely LOVE it, now. But when I got it, it was in need of a setup. Mainly, the frets weren't level, 4 of them, so I couldn't adjust the action where I liked it to be (4/64"). Did a fret level, crown and polish, myself, and now it's...
  8. rnodern

    Setup Help - Possible neck or nut issues

    So a little while ago, I picked up a Core Tremonti really cheap. I knew that it wasn't well looked after like i look after my own, but I thought with a bit of TLC I could at least get it to play and sound great. The action was SUPER high. All the string saddles were on their highest settings...
  9. owickerman

    I've been so wrong (Setup)

    Since I received my first PRS (a 509), I believed that PRS guitars were somehow created to have a "vintage" feeling with an action a little bit high which seemed ok with a chunky neck (sorry, I've been raised with a IBZ Wizard neck in hand...). So, I kept a little relief in the neck and...
  10. F

    General Guitar setup/maintenance help/FAQs for anyone

    I dont know how this works but I got my Custom 24 SE shipped to me last week and couldn't be happier with it. I dont know how forums work so if i'm doing something wrong, tell me please. I want anyone to be able to ask random questions about maintenance and I dont know where to do that so I...
  11. Ovibos

    SE Holcomb intonation

    Did a little work on it tonight, and almost have it dialed in. Neck needed less relief to get near straight (Chicago winters), minor saddle tweaks. However, I just can't quite get the 6th (C) string in tune at the 12th fret. I've moved the saddle pretty much as far back as it goes and we're...
  12. miroman86

    S2 Mira Setup

    So, I've been tinkering with my new S2 Mira this week and found that I got it with a very high action than what is suggested on their website. I've been looking at it and tweaking almost everyday this week. Just wondering, is it common for the action to go back up once I tune the guitar? Coz I...
  13. Merlin01

    New SE Custom24 - Dealer Setup??

    I just received my 2016 SE Custom24 from an out-of-State dealer. I arranged to have 10-46 replace the stock strings and had it setup with Eb tuning. Out of the box the back of the bridge was already resting on the body and the screws looked high to me - but I really have no reference except a...