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  1. J

    New CE24 Fret Buzz-is it a me thing?

    I recently purchased a new PRS CE 24. Very pleased with my purchase. That said, I've noticed it's got a sting buzz on E A and D I can't shake This is the first guitar I have purchased or really played on other than my 06 MIM Strat, so it's entirely possible I'm just very used to the way that...
  2. R

    I adjusted the bridge screws in my Custom 24 some years ago, I want to put it back to factory specs.

    I've only learned in recent times that I shouldn't have done this! I'm fairly certain that I loosened the string tension before doing so, and I was quite meticulous when it came to the actual adjustment; I tightened each screw by the same amount and was pleased with the overall result. Some 15...
  3. F

    General Guitar setup/maintenance help/FAQs for anyone

    I dont know how this works but I got my Custom 24 SE shipped to me last week and couldn't be happier with it. I dont know how forums work so if i'm doing something wrong, tell me please. I want anyone to be able to ask random questions about maintenance and I dont know where to do that so I...
  4. Jake Angelastro

    What Intonation Screws does PRS use for the Mike Mushok baritone?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to forum posting, but I could use some help. The title says it all: I am looking for the size of the screw that PRS uses for the screws on the bridge of the Mike Mushok baritone. I’m referring to the screws that are adjusted in the bridge that intonate the strings. Sadly...