semi hollow

  1. Blakemore

    Very Happy NGD - 594 Semi Hollow Content

    Very excited to be back in the core family again. I have been out shopping for an HBII or P22 (something with a piezo) but came across this beauty here in Nashville around Thanksgiving. Every week since then I haven't been able to stop going in and playing on it. I finally realized what my...
  2. Ovibos

    Yellow? Can you hear me?

    Just got an email about this beastie @WildWestGuitars... If you want to make a statement, this is your tool.
  3. DavidRome

    PRS 408 vs 408 Semi-hollow Comparison

    I recently played a PRS 408 Semi-Hollow w/Rosewood Neck Wood Library guitar but I had to drive 3 hours to get there. I won't mention the dealer but they are sweet people. Lol I did meet several 408 owners and it seems that anyone who owns one of these is in love with it. Anyway, I took some...
  4. Stevie Rave On

    Getting Acoustic sound through f-hole

    I got my first PRS - a semi-hollow CU22 wood library, thinking of capturing sound inside or around the F-Hole. Not sure how it sounds and if it is worth trying. Anyone with Hollow Body or Semi-hollow tried this?
  5. Annaxes

    Any Custom 24 Semi Hollow Owners Out There?

    I've been dying for a core custom 24 semi (Huge Mayer fan) how does it compare to a custom 24 solid body? Always lowed the airy tone of a semi. Anyone have experience with them?
  6. P

    Upgrade SE Custom 22 Semi hollow with tremolo bridge and push pull pot plus entonation

    Hi All, I really love PRS guitars and only had enough pocket to own a SE custom 22 semi hollow with lollartron pups... Now i really want to 1- add a tremolo bridge(current is stop tail) and a push pull pot, but just doesn't know that if it's possible at all or not? And how to do it... 2-...
  7. L

    2015 PRS P245 Semi Hollow (Black Gold)

    About a month ago I sold a "Stripped 58" Gold Top, which was my favorite at the time, but my other guitar had more sentimental value, so it was off limits. I knew that I had to take a risk, but didn't really know why I was so adamant about it. Well now I know why! Got one ordered. I'll post...
  8. Rick_G

    Locking tuners for 277 Semi-hollow Baritone?

    Looking for advise about changing (or not changing) standard tuners to locking tuners on my 277 Semi-hollow Baritone. Comments?
  9. J

    S2 custom 22 semi hardcase

    Hey guys. I have been doing a lot of research and am having trouble finding an affordable case that will fit my s2 custom 22 semi hollow. The PRS case is $209. I'm looking to spend about half of that. Any suggestions welcome :)
  10. Sabio629

    PRS Private Stock Search

    hey guys I'm new to this forum and needed some help. I'm a huge John Mayer fan and just saw a video of his new custom Super Eagle PRS guitar which looks and sounds incredible! I looked up some other PRS models on Pinterest and found a sweet PS that I wanted but I don't know if it's a limited...
  11. Skeeter

    NWLGD: 408 Semi-hollow!

    This is a little belated NGD due to all the holidays - but here it is! This is from the magnificent run of Wood Library 408 Semi-hollows conjured up by Brian, and with a RW neck to boot! I'm just using the excellent pics from their site, as I haven't had a chance to take pictures in good...
  12. J

    Hollowbody II vs P245 Semi Hollow

    Dear, It is time for my first PRS and I am between PRS P245 Semi Hollow (58/15 & Piezo) and PRS Hollowbody II Singlecut (57/08 & Piezo) Most of the time a play clean and I prefer the soul-sound of the neck position (genre: R&B, George Benson stuff). My local store has non of these...