1. C

    Setting up SE277 P90 pickups

    Hello! I am just looking for some advice on setting up P90s. I've had a SE277 semi-hollow baritone guitar with the P90 pickups since 2016. Although I love the guitar, I've often struggled to find my sound on it. The main issue is the tonality and volume of the 2 pickups are so different to...
  2. D

    SE 277 Upgrades

    Hey all! first time owner of a PRS and loving it, the quality of the "Cheaper" models such as my Brand new SE 277 is incredible, really in love with it. There are some (aesthetically) things i would like to change; Black Locking Tuners and a Black Bridge. wondering if anyone has installed a...
  3. Guitarjon

    SE277 Semi-Hollow Baritone

    I've had my PRS SE277 semi-hollow for a while now and it's truly one of the most unique instruments I've ever owned in terms of looks, features and sound! I mean, it's a semi-hollow baritone with P90's for crikey's sake! Before I got this one I had purchased a used sunburst SE277 with the old...