se tremonti

  1. D

    SE Tremonti ?'s about pickups and knobs setup

    Brand new purchase from Sweetwater. Looking for other owners or those "in the know"...... Can't really tell (maybe a tad bit) the difference in the change of pickup sound toggling the 3 way switch from bass to middle to treble. All three positions outside of bass (just a tad) sound almost the...
  2. Relic

    SE Tremonti Standard - They changed the electronics layout & cavity cover?

    Hi all, I'm opening this thread to double-check, as I have just received a PRS SE Tremonti Standard (2019/2020 w/ Trem) in Europe from Thomann, that this isn't a one-off / QC slip. Basically, it seems they changed the control layout from what's on my other USA Tremonti's, USA Singlecuts & SE...