se semi-hollow

  1. Sunburst71

    PRS SE Semi-hollow rocking hard live

    Hi guys, Here's a live performance of my band from a while back. I got the SE Semi-hollow when I had back issues and needed a light guitar, and at under 6 lbs it fit the bill perfectly. I think it sounds great for this type of music :) I now play a DC-3 and the SE went to my son, and he loves it.
  2. Colors

    SE semi-hollow : 2017 vs 2018 ?

    Hi, I'm new here but I hope to be a PRS-guitarist very soon ! I wish to buy a SE 22 semi-hollow and models 2017 AND 2018 are available, the 2017 for a little better price (100 $). What are the differences between this models, apart colors ? Your tip ? Thank you.