se one

  1. G

    PRS USA Screws on SE - Will Fit?

    Hi! I am thinking of purchasing this kit: PRS Hardware Assembly Kit - NICKEL, #ACC-4244 Will these screws fit on a PRS SE One? I thought about changing the pickguard, truss rod cover and jackplate screws. Thanks.
  2. Ovibos

    NGD - I finally got ONE

    I got a good deal on an OG near mint SE One Korina with moons! It's easy to see where the three body pieces are joined, but it doesn't matter 'cos it's pure rawk. Not a featherweight, but on the lighter side. Some scratching on the pickguard but that's whatever. I alluded to this in another...
  3. shimmilou

    NUGD - 2011 SE One Korina

    I have wanted to get one of these for a while, thought it would be a cool addition to my collection. Saw one that was in excellent condition, all original with birds, and my offer didn't work out, then I saw this one. No birds, but it was also in excellent condition, the frets were like new, and...
  4. Ovibos

    Mahogany vs Korina ONEs?

    Anyone have opinions on the difference?
  5. Magnus

    PRS SE One - Tuner wisdom needed

    Hi there, all you wonderful people of PRS land! I recently acquired a white PRS SE One. It was sitting there all alone, in my local guitar store here in Oslo, and i picked it up out of curiosity, and the thing just resonated to kingdom come. I was blown away. In equal parts due to the guitar...
  6. Tele295

    NGD SE One

    I had a good day on eBay, and now this PRS One has joined the gang. I intend on setting it up as a dedicated slide guitar, but I may make a pickup change. This thing is solid as a rock. I can't tell any difference in build quality between this SE and my American-made Standard 22. Hmmm, 2...