se mods

  1. AndyBowman

    PRS SE Custom 24-08 Pickup Covers

    I recently added a PRS SE Custom 24-08 to the collection and am wanting to put nickel covers over the zebra pickups. More for aesthetics than anything, but during my interwebs research have found it might effect the tone. On that, I'm seeing where it might "mellow" the highs, which I'm fine...
  2. shimmilou

    SE Cu24 Mods, mini toggles

    Tried a set of SD Alnico II pickups, and didn’t care for the sound compared to the stock 85/15 S. Putting the stock 85/15 S pickups back in, but wanted to add covers, both for looks and for the subtle sound difference the covers add, slightly less edgy, just a bit smoother sound. While changing...