se hollowbody piezo

  1. H

    Switch for Mag/Piezo output on SE Hollowbody Standard Piezo?

    It arrives tomorrow and I cannot wait. Got the Dog Hair finish! I've already plugged this instrument into my rig in terms of the applications I already know it will shine in. I'm anticipating wanting to professionally install a switch to give me the flexibility to switch between acoustic and...

    Any love for the Non-Piezo SE HB II?

    Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker but new to the forum. Seeing lots of love for the SE Piezo and with good reason. But I can't help feeling like the SE HBII is now suffering from middle child syndrome. I got one about 2 months ago and love it. I had the funds to afford it at the time...
  3. C

    NGD SE Hollowbody Piezo (and demo)

    I am shocked at the quality of my new SE Hollowbody Piezo. The playability and craftsmanship comes super close to my Silver Sky but isnt quite there (the cut of the nut and lack of locking tuners are the only "complaints" and neither pieces are bad by any means). The neck pickup is warm, smooth...
  4. LackingWit

    SE Hollowbody -- string change to 11's?

    Anybody strung their SE Hollowbody with 11's? I was curious to see whether the SE Hollowbody Piezo would come with 11's like the Core HB II, which they don't. I'm wondering whether the added tension of 11's would cause a problem on the SE Hollowbody Piezo that I just received.