se dgt

  1. stankbank

    This DGT SE doesn't have a black headstock?

    For sale here in Canada. What's interesting is that the headstock shows the wood grain? Mine is pitch black. The fretboard edges also have an edge (sort of reminiscent) like the Majesty Dargie Green. Obviously not the same thing, but thought it was worth pointing out!
  2. sah22

    SE Mccarty or SE Paul's or SE DGT

    Hi All, I've been looking at these guitars for a year now, McCarty, Paul's, and DGT (although I can't get my hands on a DGT SE). I've given up. I'm an old fart with almost 3 years experience. I'm not that good. I like music mostly from Eagles, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, some GnR, classic rock...
  3. Ovibos

    Glowing SE DGT review from a tough critic

    I was thinking I don’t need one, but….
  4. Karl46

    Anyone having issues with the tone control on the DGT SE?

    Received my SE DGT about a week ago. Preordered it from Kraft Music and they were great. I love the guitars looks, the tone and action. Today I noticed that my tone control is no longer working with the bridge pickup and it has become staticie. Took the back plate off and there are no obvious...
  5. Mozzi

    PRS SE DGT Demo from the very man himself...

    Anyone wondering if the SE DGT sounds good enough, listen to this... Sounded GREAT to Me!!