se custom 24 indonesia?

  1. Jotarock

    Help(SE custom 24 Zebrawood) Is there a difference between the korean and the indonesian version?

    Hello guys! I want to buy my first ever PRS guitar, the gorgeus PRS SE custom 24 with "Zebrawood" finish. The problem is that i can´t find anywhere a KOREAN manufactured one. All the stores sell INDONESIAN models. Where can i find a KOREAN Prs SE custom 24 with "ZEBRAWOOD" ? Please help me! (i...
  2. J

    Someone Please explain...PRS SE Custom 24 with Cor-Tek Indonesia Stamp

    I purchased the amethyst SE Custom 24 from Guitar Center for $xxx.00. There seems to be NO conclusive article or announcement that these are made in Indonesia as my guitar indicates. Workers at Guitar Center assure me its nothing but never knew SE customs to be built in Indonesia. They said prob...