se custom 24-08

  1. Paul'sRolex

    Myers Blue vs Turquoise

    Hi Guys, This is my first post. I have four SE models now and was looking at a few of the new ones. I have the SE Zach Myers in Myers Blue. When I'm looking at a number of other SE's (Paul's Guitar, the Custom 24-08, and others) I see turquoise as a color option. In the official pictures and...
  2. luckychucky

    Quilted Top on an SE Custom 24-08?

    Hello, everyone! New to the community eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first PRS, an SE Custom 24-08. I noticed Sweetwater has an exclusive 24-08 in a faded blue "burst" with what looks like a quilted (what!?) top and matching headstock for about $50 more. I have to say I am smitten with the...
  3. luckychucky

    SE Custom 24-08 Faded Blue or Faded Blue Burst

    Hello! I'm new to PRS guitars and just ordered my first, an SE Custom 24-08 in Faded Blue from Sweetwater. However, I noticed they also have a Sweetwater exclusive "Faded Blue Burst" option for an extra $50 with what looks like a quilted top (what!?) and a matching headstock. I called...
  4. W

    PRS SE 24-08 Mini Switch/SVN questions

    Hey there, I'm looking to upgrade my gear and take one step towards owning a "proper" guitar. I'm torn between a few choices but, as the list narrows, the PRS SE Custom 24 seems likely to be the one I'll go with (although the Mark Holcomb SVN also looks rather enticing). While checking...
  5. kongk

    NGD: SE Custom 24-08

    From my previous question/poll thread poll, I got a lot of good advice from you guys. Thanks! I went to a local PRS dealer and spent more than an hour playing 3 guitars. They were really helpful and nice and let me play to my heart's content. - SE Paul's Guitar - SE Custom 24 35th Anniversary...