se 245

  1. stankbank

    NGD: SE 245 2022

    Stoked for this! I should have it by Tues or Wed of this week. I already ordered the SE Locking Tuners. This will be my second PRS after my S2 Custom 24.
  2. S

    SE 245 Locking Tuner Drop In

    Is there a direct drop in (Schaller, hipshot, other) To replace the standard tuners with locking tuners…other than PRS.
  3. TheDoktor

    NGD: SE 245 Charcoal Burst

    So, I've never owned a single cutaway electric of any brand, and when I saw that the 245's were available in this finish (one of my favourites) I knew I just had to. In lieu of cruddy cameraphone pics, please enjoy the hi-res ones sweetwater sent after she passed their inspection-...
  4. K

    Adding Dragon II and push/pull pots to se 245

    Hi, I was looking at buying a set of dragon ii’s and wanted to see if anyone had a wiring diagram from adding a set of push/pull pots and a break down of the wires on the dragon pickups. Thanks!
  5. Gaige Nale

    Putting McCarty pickups in a Singlecut Se 245

    I bought some gold covered McCarty pickups that are secondhand online. Planning to swap out the standard zebra ones (2019) and install the McCartys. It's my first time doing an upgrade like this and I will have some help but wanted to make sure there is no issue with putting these pickups in...
  6. Gaige Nale

    Recently Purchased an SE 245 singlecut (Indonesian)

    So far loving my SE 245. The way the strings bend on the 24.5" scale neck is absolutely great compared to the american pro tele i'm used to. I am currently using a 50 watt boss katana amp and am looking to get more of a classic 60-70s treble sound out of the guitar. I am fairly new to modding...
  7. B

    Schaller type straplock help for PRS SE 245, plus other guitars

    So, the dude I bought my McCarty from had already put Schaller straplocks on it, so I figured it was time to invest in a little securtiy for a few other guitars. I just kinda thought all strap screws would be the same size for guitars, so I bought Fender strap locks. Swell, the two guitars I...
  8. E

    SE Line QC issues

    Has anyone been having issues with the QC for the 2019 SE made guitars? I tried to get a SE 245 a month ago and I have been having horrible problems that I had not had before. I had never had to return any of the PRS SE for QC control before but This time around I had to return the first guitar...
  9. B

    SE 245 2014 pickups and magnets

    I just got a shiny new (to me) SE 245 yesterday and am wondering about the pickup specs. Is there anything official on this? I'm hesitant to mess with a tone I already like, but I'm at least considering a magnet swap to A2s on it at some point in the future, unless they're already A2s, in which...
  10. G

    SE 245 pickup suggestions

    Hello friends! I'm new to this forum and am the proud new owner of my first se 245 in whale blue. I'm pretty new to the electric guitar world but have played classical guitar for several years in college. Before purchasing the se 245, I played the S2 and a rare p245 and was very impressed by...
  11. GavQuinn

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop '78 Model

    Hello! :) I don't think I've seen any info on this pickup so I thought I'd share my experience! It's the VH pickup apparently, although due to licensing etc, they can't say so. Described as a PAF rewind, mine is listed on the pack at 9.0k, Alnico II, initalled MJ which is apparently a good...
  12. PRSGuitarsAreTheWayToGo

    Hairline cracks in SE245 Neck

    Alright so some info: I got a 2017 SE245 model in June I inspect my guitar and clean it after every use I havent played in about 2 days, and noticed 2 spots where small, hard to capture on a camera cracks. One runs along the heel, where Id imagine the neck meets the body. The other is at the...
  13. C

    Which PRS SE model has the best "Jazz" sound

    Dear PRS users, I started guitar a year ago and am looking to buy a new PRS guitar. I was wondering which SE model you would you recommend to get that smooth "Jazz" sound? I am a new poster here so I can't link a sound example, but Autumn Leaves by Achim Kohl is the sound I am looking for...
  14. Stitch72

    Day Before NGD - SE 245

    What do they call the day before your new axe arrives? HELL! Anyhow, here are a couple of the Sweetwater pics of my new SE 245. Can't wait to get my hands on it! It will look so nice next to my blue Custom 24.
  15. U

    SE 245 vs. SE Standard 245 specs

    Hi, I'm wandering if there is any new spect in a recent indonesian SE Standard 245 (e.g. from 2015) that make it more desiderable than a "older" korean SE 245 (e.g. from 2011), or this are two different leagues and there is no competition. I'm asking since I'm trying to decide between two of...