1. G

    PRS USA Screws on SE - Will Fit?

    Hi! I am thinking of purchasing this kit: PRS Hardware Assembly Kit - NICKEL, #ACC-4244 Will these screws fit on a PRS SE One? I thought about changing the pickguard, truss rod cover and jackplate screws. Thanks.
  2. C

    Looking for a place to purchase replacement screws for my Custom 24

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I believe this is the correct place to ask this question. But if not, I apologize. I'm trying to follow all the rules :) I have a 2014 USA Custom 24. I'm trying to find a few replacement screws. Unfortunately the local hardware stores didn't have any matches...
  3. the_doc735

    PRS tremolo systems

    I can't find a definitive answer concerning the available trem systems and their manufacturing materials? (including 'here'): ...does anyone have actual knowledge (not guesses) as to what trems. are available and what they are made of please? e.g. core CE SE S2 e.g. block springs screws the...
  4. B

    Schaller type straplock help for PRS SE 245, plus other guitars

    So, the dude I bought my McCarty from had already put Schaller straplocks on it, so I figured it was time to invest in a little securtiy for a few other guitars. I just kinda thought all strap screws would be the same size for guitars, so I bought Fender strap locks. Swell, the two guitars I...
  5. Jake Angelastro

    What Intonation Screws does PRS use for the Mike Mushok baritone?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to forum posting, but I could use some help. The title says it all: I am looking for the size of the screw that PRS uses for the screws on the bridge of the Mike Mushok baritone. I’m referring to the screws that are adjusted in the bridge that intonate the strings. Sadly...
  6. P

    SE pickup ring screws, where to buy?

    Buying and selling quite a bit, I always like to change out any screws that look worn or corroded but have a devil of a time finding the right sized screws...Epiphones , same way. They seem to use smaller screws for the neck and bridge humbucker pickup mounting rings, for example, on imports...