santana se

  1. You_Narf

    PRS Santana x Frampton SE DEMO (Modified Santana SE model)

    Hello, Steve here, The demos of this modified SE are now live!!! Thanks to everyone for your patience. I know I said I'd do it a fee weeks ago but couldn't get around to it. This is a Santana SE that's been a bit modified, the biggest thing is the super limited Seymour Duncan pickups (I believe...
  2. J

    Santana SE - noise issue

    Hello, I'm a new PRS customer, new to this forum, and just purchased a new Santana SE. Love it so far - except there is significant noise/hum on all pickups, and noticeably worse when toggle in middle position. Can anyone shed light on what to expect in terms of noise for this guitar/pickups...
  3. M

    RS push pull wiring kit for 2019 SE Santana?

    Hey Folks. Recently acquired a brand spanking new Se Santana (w the PRS logo on headstock!) for $300 on offer up. What a steal. Im slowly modding the guitar with nice raw nickel pickup covers, a core nut, truss rod cover,etc. Now I’m looking to change the electronics. I was wondering if anyone...
  4. M

    tuner BUTTON replacement?!?!

    Hey yall, David here. This is my first thread! A proud owner of a 2002 STANDARD 22 (not S2), and a new father of an SE Santana!! I’ve been slowly modding the looks of the SE because my god that thing sounds just as good as my american, but the bright chrome tuners are just not taste . I’ve...
  5. S

    Just checking, is this a legit PRS?

    Hi all! Just getting a used PRS Santana SE as a late christmas self-present. Just need to check if it's real, I'm 99% convinced it is, just need a 2nd opinion! Have a Merry belates christmas and Happy New Year, all! Cheers
  6. D

    green santana se

    hey guys , this is my first post, great forums. i have an old prs santana se from around 2002 and im trying to find its value, because it a one piece. the neck wood part of the body. i havent seen any of these online anywhere that look exactly like mine. i wanna know if its anything special or...