1. George Mills

    Gold Tremolo Saddles, Anyone?

    I’m looking to create the hybrid hardware look on my 509 that came in all chrome. So far I have swapped out all the screws/ nuts & tuner buttons to gold with official PRS parts. The last thing now is the set of 6 saddles on the tremolo bridge.. Does anyone have a spare set of these, or ones...
  2. G

    Anyone have thoughts on the 2006 PRS Standard 22?

    I found one for sale for around $1,700 CAD that the guy has barely played. Comes with case and a Fender Super Champ XD amp. I can't find much for pricing on these specific models. Also has moons, and rotary switch. Hoping for some opinions on if it would be worth it to wait for a 24, or anyone...