s2 upgrade

  1. Y

    Trapeze Tailpiece for my Mira!

    Greetings Everybody! I got an s2 semi-hollow Mira in vintage cherry coming next week straight from the factory (ahhhhhh) and I really want it to have a trapeze tailpiece to make it even more resonant and give it that vintage look I adore so bad. I got some handy information so far: It only...
  2. Threepiece

    Cheap PRS pots?

    Hey, So, in a previous post I talked about my S2 and came to the conclusion I want to upgrade the pups and electronics. Jury is still out on which pups but I thought I'd order the otherstuff anyway. Everywhere I read it said that PRS pots are like $20 each. Yet, when I search the site, they...