s2 singlecut

  1. Paulinator

    Finally getting another PRS after selling my guitars....but which one?

    Hello all. A few years back I had 13 guitars and among them a very nice 2012 PRS Custom 24 in Eriza Verde. Due to recent events and being unemployed I had to sell off all but two (LTD Snakebyte and Fender Bonnie Raitt Strat), so I no longer have a PRS. I now have the opportunity to buy another...
  2. Mike Decoteau

    String Ground Wire on an S2 Singlecut Satin

    I'm having trouble with the ground wire from the stop tail bridge breaking off from the solder joint as I reposition the pickguard to close up the guitar. I am new at this and am trying to learn. I am replacing the volume pots with core ones and thought the soldering went well. I am soldering...
  3. L

    'Standard' vs 'Singlecut' label on headstock of 'S2' Series Singlecuts

    Hello, My name is Levi and I just joined this forum community. I am from south central Kentucky halfway between London and Bowling Green. Forgive me if this has been asked before but, I could not find clarification. I owned a 2018 S2 SC that had 'Singlecut' Wrote on the headstock. I ended up...
  4. teratotality

    I have to let it go... S2 Singlecut

    Hiya! It's been a while since I've posted, been a little down due to job loss because of the pandemic. Sadly, I need to pay rent and am selling my 2014 S2 Singlecut in Antique White. Has some dings on it, but still a wonderful guitar. I'm not sure if this is against the rules of the forum or...
  5. teratotality

    2014 S2 Singlecut - With issues..

    Hiya! So my S2 came today, about a week earlier than I thought. Its nice, has some nicks in the paint but nothing too bad (should be able to see all those in the pictures. But the sound is just horrendous. I'll list the specs and upgrades and talk more about sound issues. Upgrades: Bone nut...
  6. Dave Carroll

    NGD: Antique White S2 Singlecut

    Picked this up yesterday in a straight trade for a Ibanez RG that wasn’t getting any use since it came to me in a trade a few years ago. I wasn’t really looking for another white guitar after snagging a white and gold Mira core about a month ago, and had never really looked at the single cuts...
  7. Willem Granzin

    PRS s2 Singlecut Standard Vs. PRS s2 Standard 22

    I've been saving up for one of these guitars for a year now and I'm torn between them. There are things I like about both of them. I like the four knobs on the singlecut and that it has a better tuning stability, but I like the doublecut on the 22 and the whammy bar would be fun even though I...
  8. C

    Difference between prs s2 standard 22 vs prs s2 custom 22?

    Is it just the maple cap on the S2 Custom 22, and the pickguard on the S2 Standard 22? I 'accidentally' played the S2 Standard 22 last week, while shopping for a Telecaster and Jazzmaster. And the S2 stood out significantly, with much better tone, immediately. But, i previously had not been...
  9. E

    S2 singlecut vs Mccarty 594

    Hi guys! Long time lurker posting for the first time lol I am trying to decide weather the S2 or the Mccarty is right for me. Here is the background, I play as a hobby only, and I usually have around 1 to 2 hours every week to jam by myself. I don’t gig or play in band at all. So Here is the...
  10. pauloqs

    NGD: S2 Silglecut Semi-Hollow

    7 lbs 6.7 oz of awesomeness. Had to raise the action on the low side just a hair. Also the nut had a bit of a sharp edge, but that took me less than a minute to address giving it a more played in feel. First time I experienced this with a US made PRS. However, if any of you encounter this, I...
  11. pauloqs

    Thoughts on the S2 Mira & S2 SC Semi-Hollow

    Please share your thoughts on the S2 Mira (solid & semi-hollow) and/or S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow. What are things you like or dislike about these models? How would you describe the sound and ergonomics of these guitars? They seem like very different models and have very distinct sonic qualities...
  12. S

    #7 Bridge Pickup

    So I pickup up a 2017 PRS S2 Singlecut Satin recently and I definitely love the guitar. With that said, I am very much on the fence with the stock #7 bridge pickup. I find that I don't mind and many even like how it mixes with the neck #7 in the middle position; however, when I just play that...
  13. S

    #7 Pickup Magnets

    Hey all. I am new to the forum and recently purchased my first PRS guitars. It is an S2 singlecut in black satin. So far, I LOVE the guitar. It feels amazing, looks amazing and sounds great. With that said, the guitar I have previously played the most is an 88 Gibson SG Special with a DiMarzio...
  14. grausch

    A Christmas Surprise

    So, 10 days before Christmas our local PRS dealer posted a picture on Facebook of a black S2 Satin Standard Singlecut that had just arrived. Apparently one of the last two to hit Europe. Since my 20th Anni was way overdue for a string change, and since I wanted to go a gauge lighter, and since I...
  15. H

    PRS S2 Pot Failure?

    Had my PRS S2 Singlecut satin since February, bought new from a dealer, and suddenly I'm getting no sound out of the neck pick-up. Originally thought it might've been the pick-up selector or pickup itself but then found moving the volume control for that pickup would make the sound come back...
  16. drdoom8793

    Starla vs Singlecut Standard

    Hey guys! Just a quick question. I can't seem to find the answer. So I'm aware of the obvious differences between the S2s Starla and the Singlecut Standard (pickups, bridge, control layout) but I can't seem to find out about the body. One would think the body might be the same for both of...
  17. drdoom8793

    S2 Mods

    We already have a thread for SE mods but I haven't seen too many people talking about mods to S2 guitars. I'm thinking of doing some changes to my S2 Custom 24 but haven't done anything yet. So show me your S2 mods!
  18. Sekunda

    S2 Singlecut satin NGD!

    Oops! I did it again. Picked up this S2 Singlecut Satin in McCarty burst about 2 weeks ago. I can say these are some very high quality instruments. Out of the box it was setup perfect, intonation was perfect, action was perfect. It feels like an old friend... I can't stop playing it, seriously...
  19. worthweaver

    Singlecut S2 Tonal Issues

    Hey hey everyone. I have 2 S2 Singlecuts that I purchased to bring my late 90s Custom 22s off the road, and I wanted to get thoughts on the tones the S2s are producing. To my ear, they seem lacking. Might be a resonance issue, but they definitely are waaaaay more boxy, thin, and lifeless...