s2 single cut volume tone pot wiring

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    S2 Single cut Standard pickup switching?

    I just bought an S2 single cut Standard, 2018. A couple of weeks after bringing it home I discovered something strange in the way the pickups are switched. I should add that this guitar has been modified with CTS volume and tone and new 4-wire pickups. When the P-U switch is in the centre...
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    Cracking noise in poti - but only using both pickups

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I own a S2 Singlecut Standard (2015) and there is a strange phenomenon with both volume potis: Both of them run smooth and noiseless as long as I only use one humbucker. When the toggle switch is in the middle position, both potis make a cracking noise. The noise comes in...
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    2019 S2 Singlecut wiring reversed?

    I have a 2019 S2 Singlecut black satin. I've wondered about the wiring of volume and tone pots, which don't intuitively seem logical. When the pickup switch is in the up position for the neck pickup, I turn the pot knobs lowest on the body to effect changes in volume and tone. When the the...