s2 sc

  1. CandidPicker

    S2 SC Wiring Issue?

    Recently had a chance to practice with my S2 SC Std McCarty Tobacco Burst, and discovered that the bridge pickup was cutting out briefly, and both pickups would hum when you lifted your fingers from the guitar, in either humbucker or coil-tap mode. My other S2 SC Std Antique White has no such...
  2. pauloqs

    Thoughts on the S2 Mira & S2 SC Semi-Hollow

    Please share your thoughts on the S2 Mira (solid & semi-hollow) and/or S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow. What are things you like or dislike about these models? How would you describe the sound and ergonomics of these guitars? They seem like very different models and have very distinct sonic qualities...