s2 pickups #7

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    Need help with tone. So much low end.

    Hey all, sorry if wrong place to post this. I have a S2 semi hollow single cut and a katana 50. There is so much bass i dont want to play, every thing sounds like mud. I roll all the bass off on the EQ and bump mids and treble to about 2 o’clock, then i avoid the 6th string. I have looked...
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    S2 Pickups '#7' vs '#7 S'

    Hey guys New to PRS guitars, planning to buy my first one after years of playing studentgrade guitars Im shooting for the S2 Singlecut Satin in tobacco burst. I have my choice of a 2017 model or a brand new 2018 model. As far as I can see the only difference on the spec sheet is the pickups...