s2 custom 22

  1. J

    2014 S2 custom 22 help!

    Hello! I found a 2014 s2 custom 22, and I would like to ask you guys, what you think about this version? Thank you. Regards!
  2. tyfu20

    NGD Semi-Hollow

    Just got this new S2 Custom 22 Semi-hollow Faded Blue Smokeburst as a blemished, sounds great. Had the SE version previously which was a very good guitar, but I'm digging the hog neck and 85/15s.
  3. J

    Difference - PRS CE 24 semi-hollow vs. S2 custom 22 semi-hollow

    Anyone knows the tonal difference between these two models?
  4. C

    Difference between prs s2 standard 22 vs prs s2 custom 22?

    Is it just the maple cap on the S2 Custom 22, and the pickguard on the S2 Standard 22? I 'accidentally' played the S2 Standard 22 last week, while shopping for a Telecaster and Jazzmaster. And the S2 stood out significantly, with much better tone, immediately. But, i previously had not been...
  5. Ovibos

    Yellow? Can you hear me?

    Just got an email about this beastie @WildWestGuitars... If you want to make a statement, this is your tool.
  6. C

    S2 Custom 22 vs 24.... 2017 vs 2018

    Hey all, This is my first post here! Just a little background to help with my question. I bought my first Squire at age 21. I played it for a year, sold it, and bought a brand new 1997 American Strat. After about six months, life happened (kids, wife, grad school, and no time for guitar)...
  7. Cris_mas

    Advice needed: Prs Standard 22 v/s S2 CU22 v/s S2 standard 22(satin)

    Hello guys! I'm Cris, from Chile and i have been playing guitar for around 18 years, and i'm looking for getting better gear, in this case the guitar. Currently i own an SE Singlecut that is nice but i'm starting to feel the lack of "something". So i started to investigate about "afordable" US...
  8. A

    S2 Custom 22 S-H in Dark Cherry Sunburst Colour Change?

    There appears to be a significant colour change in the S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow in Dark Cherry Sunburst between 2016 and 2017. The 2016 model appears to be a fairly uniform dark brown. See, for example: a) http://www.prsguitars.com/index.php/electrics/s2/s2_custom_22_semi_hollow b) c)...
  9. drdoom8793

    S2 Mods

    We already have a thread for SE mods but I haven't seen too many people talking about mods to S2 guitars. I'm thinking of doing some changes to my S2 Custom 24 but haven't done anything yet. So show me your S2 mods!
  10. J

    S2 custom 22 semi hardcase

    Hey guys. I have been doing a lot of research and am having trouble finding an affordable case that will fit my s2 custom 22 semi hollow. The PRS case is $209. I'm looking to spend about half of that. Any suggestions welcome :)