1. T

    90's PRS CE24 covert to 3 way but don't want splits, what options?

    The 5 way rotary is getting cumbersome switching during playing. I don't want splits so with both vol/tone push/pull - what are the options I can explore and who has the diagram? Thanks in advance.
  2. O

    PRS CE 24 rotary knob

    I have an older PRS CE 24 and wanted to know which position gives what tone. I found this: Position 10: Humbucking treble (bridge) pickup alone Position 9: Outside coils of both pickups in parallel for what PRS calls a “deep and clear” sound Position 8: Series single coils – PRS describes...
  3. Brainofjon

    80's PRS Standard 24 - wiring issues?

    Hi all! Old time lurker here, finally joining the PRS family :) I've recently acquired my 1st core PRS, an 80's standard 24 that has been in my wishlist for years. These come with the blue wafer rotary pickup selector, sweet switch and stamped T&B pickups. It's beautiful and plays great. It...