1. grantusmcgrant

    New Sonzera 20 reverb problem

    The odds of this are pretty wild but the brand new Sonzera 20 combo I ordered this week, turned up with the reverb function dead on arrival. The store I bought it from in Sydney were going to take weeks to replace it (even though they had more stock) so I ended up purchasing another new Sonzera...
  2. Marty Canaday

    Amp with Good Reverb, Distortion, and Delay?

    I'm playing a PRS S2 Custom 24 with a Blackstar HT Club 40 MKII amplifier. The Blackstar has great reverb and distortion but does not have delay. I could use a delay pedal in an effects loop, but I would prefer the amp to have a delay option. Does anyone know of a tube amp that has good reverb...
  3. T

    Buy guitar from California, shipping to Florida...

    I live in Florida but I’m looking at a guitar on reverb that’s located in California. Should I be worried about shipping damage or too much change in humidity affecting the wood? The seller has good ratings
  4. B

    Custom 20 & Reverb

    Hello everyone, I just received my new Custom 20 combo and really love it.... but one thing is driving me insane - the reverb. I'm not sure it's working. If it is, it is a very mild "room" type reverb. I'm pretty sure I can hear it if I crank the reverb to 10 - but I wonder if I really am...