1. rnodern

    From Studio to Launch Tour

    I'm an Aussie; spend a lot of time in Asia for work. I play in a Pinoy rock band while I am there. Recently, we recorded an album. The album was self-produced. It's available on Spotify and all other major streaming services. We're really happy and proud with the final product. Links at the...
  2. ysmth

    Full Album

    Hi all In 2016, I released an album with my band The fundament of each song (drums, bass, rhythm guitar) was recorded live in one huge room. Clean guitars and all the leads, as well as vocals, were added later. I almost exclusively used PRS guitars for the record. My main...
  3. Deirdre Hebert

    Loving my A20E

    And so does the engineer I'm working with. I'm recording my first record, and my engineer is a Taylor guy all the way. I started work with my SE Angelus A20E, and he tried it out. Every session he comments that "This is a GREAT guitar". He said that he often will tell folks he's working with...
  4. anthonylbest

    SE Kingfisher vs SE Kestrel

    I will start with saying I am a guitar player, and have played very little bass. I am looking to pick up a bass for some general futzing and some very light recording. Generally i can see its single coils vs humbuckers... Are there any preferences, or thoughts?