quilted maple

  1. S

    Quilted or not?

    Hello everyone! I got my dream guitar last week, a Custom 24 Floyd Rose Wood Library Eriza Verde Smokeburst. The shop I got the guitar from mentioned that it had a quilted top, but is it really a quilted top? Somehow it's not really important as I absolutely love the top, if it's quilted or...
  2. Ovibos

    Damn, Brian back at it again with the red and black fade Zach Myers!

    We all know @Brian G does some sick builds, but when I was on my quest for a new blue Zach Myers he clued me in that he was doing limited runs of Zachs! I love the way the blue one I accidentally got early from SW plays, so I've put my name in for a red one... Here's the ones he already sold...
  3. danktat

    Some "GOOD" photos (CU22)

    Took Dottie (2007 CU22) outside with my real DSLR to get some pix that actually show her top off properly. Cell phone pix tend to do something like what could be equated to an amp "compressing" the sound of a guitar when it processes photos. This is just my camera, with the kit lens, outside...
  4. danktat

    Just another pic

    So, my pic addiction is taking over and even though I posted pix of this girl recently, I couldn't help myself. I feel like this was a good choice to get back on the horse. And the band is revving up to get this scratch demo started to push forward with an album. So, hopefully, I'll get to see...
  5. danktat

    Natural Curly Maple Fetish

    My tendency to choose guitars with curly maple and a natural finish is looking like it is bordering on fetishism....lol. Needed a better acoustic upgrade for a couple of upcoming projects so I picked up that Washburn that is flipped backwards. Then I realized the back and sides are as good a...
  6. danktat

    CU22s outdoors

    Finally took these out and got shots with an actual camera instead of just a cell phone. Made a slight difference....lol. Taken on a bright, sunny day...but in the shade....no flash....with a Cannon T4i with the kit 18-55 lens. Thanks for looking.
  7. danktat

    NGD! Unboxing vid and pix

    Well, she's here! Here is the unboxing! And a few pix....Sorry about the photo quality. These are from my cell phone right after getting the package here in to work. I'll get better photos later. Thanks for looking. :D
  8. danktat

    Outdoor Photos

    Yes, this guitar again.....lol.....but I was bored so I went outside, with a real DSLR and a backdrop of dying ivy for a few photos. Wood grain and abalone look much better in natural light anyway ;) 2004 CU22 limited run Brazilian And a few booty shots..... Thanks for...
  9. Ironwolf

    NGD - Blue Guitar Day! Paul's Guitar, Faded Blue Jean Quilt WOW

    Got to play it for a few hours, the PRS mini-humbucker's are awesome. Wow! AC/DC and Van Halen just lept out of the guitar. the volume knob is more of a gain knob, I seem to turn the volume knob only the gain is reduced and not the volume super impressive, how it cleans up. Took this...
  10. pennyroyal

    NGD Private Stock McCarty 594 with Northern Lights Finish

    My first PRS guitar arrived today! How does it smell so good? Is it the case? It's the most comforting thing! I'll show first, then tell. Here's the story: While I was visiting family for the holidays, my brother-in-law and I were headed to Guitar Center to window shop but then he...
  11. Toby

    Not so NPSGD...

    Hello everyone! I'm following PRS for years by now, although I never had the cash to buy one. There was a time I completely forget about PRS as a whole, but a decent reminder in terms of a simple Guitar Review on youtube got me addicted again. From then on I watched literally every factory tour...