1. AlexBohlin

    Cheaper Private Stock?

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, since I had a question I really need an answer to! So, for a long time I've been seriously considering getting a private stock, and I have an idea in mind. I want: A semi-hollow (only one f-hole) Flamed maple top with a McCarty sunburst finish Flamed neck and...
  2. Z

    Question about my PRS SE 24 Custom

    Forgive me, I am very new to guitars, and I just got my new guitar and have a question about the pickups. So it has a 3 way blade pick up with a coil tap and I was wondering if anybody could possibly explain each position on the pickup blade? Also the combinations between each position of the...
  3. Wakester

    Strap Extenders and the A55E

    I have a bit of a conundrum, regarding attaching my really nice leather strap to my A55E. The upper (neck) strap button sits on the bottom side of the neck, an in order to attach the strap, it must wrap around the heel of the neck. To be honest, this looks like hell, and i am afraid it will...